An Alternative to the Christmas Turkey

An Alternative to the Christmas Turkey

Do you fancy rebelling against tradition this year and trying something different to the good ol’ British standard of a turkey Christmas dinner?  Or maybe it’s your first year cooking for the in-laws and you want a meal that is sure to impress.  Whatever your reasons for looking for an alternative to turkey, here are three suggestions you can order from West Coast Foods and have delivered fresh to your door in time for Christmas:

  1. Capon

Think of a capon as a slow grown chicken.  Your average supermarket chicken is reared for just 38 days compared to a capon which has a life span of around 130 days.  Because they are allowed to grow slowly at a nice natural pace, the birds can lay down fat adding to the succulence when cooked.  Our Christmas capons are beautifully moist and full of flavour.

  1. Pheasant

Pheasant is a delicious, and cheap, alternative to turkey.  Full of free-range flavour, this game bird is packed with flavour and far smaller bird than a turkey, making it a great choice if there’s only a few of you for Christmas dinner.  We offer wild Ayrshire peasant in store and online here.

  1. Venison

A venison roast can make a spectacular Christmas dinner.  Our wild Ayrshire Roe deer is only shot during the winter season as part of the management of the Scottish countryside and as such is about as local and seasonal a food as you will find.  Low in fat and cholesterol, and high in protein, there is more iron in venison than any other red meat.  Wild Ayrshire venison really is as close to natural eating as you can get.  Have a look at the different cuts we have available online.

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