6 reasons why you'll love the Skinni range

6 reasons why you'll love the Skinni range

Our Skinni range of fresh meat products was designed to offer real food, without the fat or the hidden carbs, to those caught up in the struggle of trying to lose weight. Whether you have pounds to shed, a slim figure to maintain, or are just conscious about the content of your food, then the Skinni range was made for you. Why? Well we will tell you…

Skinni range is a dieter’s dream

Finding products that make life quick and simple yet tick all of the right boxes nutritionally can be a minefield. All too often low fat means high carb or high protein means high fat. Most slimming products need a degree in chemistry to read the label and nothing is ever as it seems. Nightmare. Our Skinni products are made from lean cuts of meat, with added seasonings, and packaged up for convenience. High protein, low carb and low fat, they will fill that hole and keep it fuller for longer.

Real food

This is proper food made from quality Scottish meat. It gives your body what it needs whilst you concentrate on not giving it what it doesn’t. Which as we all know is far easier said than done.

Burgers and sausage, people

The first things to go off the menu are always the ones that you want the most. Who doesn’t love burgers and sausages? Especially square sausage. We are sure that scientists could give us perfectly plausible reasons why these foods appeal so much, but quite frankly we don’t care. They taste good and have some extra satisfaction factor built in. Our burgers and sausages deliver all of the good things without the fat and the fillers. If you want to shove them in between bits of bread, well then go for it. If you don’t, well that’s fine too.

Did we mention black pudding?

Oh. And there is black pudding too. Who ever thought that we would see the day when black pudding becomes a low fat food? So you can tuck into a full Scottish breakfast, eat it on its own, stick it in a sandwich or toss bits into a salad. Whatever you do, you can do it as often as you like and not feel that you have to hide the evidence. Yep. Black pudding and its legal.

We have recipes

We are constantly updating our recipe section, with recipes that include our Skinni range too. Whilst a sausage sandwich may be the ideal thing of a Sunday morning, you could want a little inspiration for those mid-week meals and slimming suppers.

You can get money saving packs

Not only can you buy all of our Skinni range online, with next day delivery, but you can choose a 1 click option and buy in bulk. We have a range of Skinni saver packs to choose from; order before 12pm and you can be unpacking your loot the very next day. The only question then is…

…what to choose first?


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