Cut of the week - Rib Eye Steak

Cut of the week - Rib Eye Steak


The less heavy work that a muscle does, the more tender the resulting meat will be. Rib eye runs across the ribs, cushioned and protected by other muscles and a fair bit of fat. The meat that comes from it, whether in the form of a joint or cut into steaks, is the softest, moistest meat that you are likely to encounter. It will also taste like steak 2.0 as well.

Why we in the UK are just getting to grips with rib eye steak is something that leaves us at West Coast Foods utterly baffled. Steak is a wonderful thing, whichever cut you choose, but rib eye steak will give you far more bang for your buck.

The fat on a rib eye steak is marbled throughout, keeping the flesh moist and intensely savoury. The fibres are thick, long, and loosely packed so the cooked meat melts like butter in your mouth.

Not too sure about cooking steak? You can follow our instructions for cooking the perfect steak that comes with every single one of our meat descriptions, but quite frankly you could throw it in a hot pan and hope for the best yet still find it impossible to cook badly. It is also the one steak that will take kindly to the fierce smoky heat of the BBQ.

Quality meat is a cooks dream. If you have struggled to produce a decent steak or encountered a less than perfect steak in a restaurant then the fault probably lies with the meat rather than the cook. Because rib eye is so rich and meaty, you can get away with a smaller portion; perhaps by serving sliced in our soft style tacos with charred pepper and corn salad, or tossing tender strips in cream for a stroganoff style dish. We have more ideas for getting the most from your rib eye in our next article.

All of the beef at West Coast Foods is sourced from local Ayrshire farms; that is true Scotch beef right there. Dry aged on the bone for a minimum of 21 days, our rib eye steak has been treated with respect all the way to your doorstep.

Our 24 hour delivery service means that you can order before lunchtime today and enjoy a fabulous steak supper tomorrow. You don't need to be at home when it arrives; it will sit happily in it's temperature controlled packaging until you are ready to come home.

Isn't it time that you discovered the true taste of Scotch rib eye steak? Order your rib eye steak today.

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