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5 reasons to buy Ayrshire wild venison

5 reasons to buy Ayrshire wild venison

Wild deer are as much a part of the landscape of Scotland as mountains or trees, and venison is a huge part of the Scottish food tradition. Because of its healthy eating benefits, availability of venison has become more widespread over recent years and many supermarkets are on a drive to push its popularity.

But not all venison is equal. Much of the venison available across the UK comes from red deer; wild or farmed. Indeed, much of the supermarket or mass market venison is imported from New Zealand and is also from red deer. Many of the misconceptions that we have about eating venison, such as a strong musky flavour, are as much down to the breed of deer as the length of time for which it is hung. Roe deer, the only type that we sell at West Coast Foods, is a delicate tender meat that far surpasses the strong flavour of venison from red deer.

So, why should you buy our wild Ayrshire venison?

Ayrshire wild venison is a great natural Scottish product

Deer were once voted as one of Scotland’s most iconic species, and what picture postcard of rural Scotland would be complete without the proud stag, antlers held high against the skyline? Wild deer have roamed the Scottish countryside for centuries and the management of them is a full time occupation; one that not only promotes employment in these areas but encourages the handing down of age old skills and traditions. Far from being killed for sport and recreation, the culling of deer is an essential part of countryside management; one that supports our current environmental concerns and drive towards local, sustainable eating. Why we should import venison into the UK is something that just beggars belief.

Ayrshire wild venison is a local seasonal food

Deer are not culled all year round in order to feed our taste for venison. They are shot during autumn and winter as part of the management of the Scottish countryside and as such are about as local and seasonal a food as you will find. Perfect for eating during the colder months, they are natural partners with the bold flavours of wild mushrooms and berries, and many cuts are well suited to long slowly simmered stews.

We are a specialist local wild game dealer

Here at West Coast Foods we take our venison seriously. Partnerships with local stalkers enable us to bring you only the finest Ayrshire wild venison, from Scottish roe deer for a delicate flavour and tender eating meat. The provision of Scottish venison is closely regulated and quality assured; our team of experts process all of our Ayrshire wild venison in house, to very exacting standards. We are proud of Scotland’s wild natural resources and take every measure to ensure that you can enjoy them at their best.

Ayrshire wild venison has many health benefits

Venison is one of the healthiest meats around. Low in fat and high in protein, there is more iron in venison than any other red meat. Low in cholesterol and free from any of the antibiotics or other interventions that can be present in farmed meat, wild Ayrshire venison really is as close to natural eating as you can get.

Ayrshire wild venison is hugely versatile

The delicate flavour of our roe deer venison may be far more suited to your family’s tastes than the stronger flavour of red deer venison. As we process all of our own venison, we have a wide range of cuts to suit all cooking purposes and our catalogue of recipes is growing all of the time. For newcomers to venison, we would suggest our recipe for wild venison stovies that even the kids will love. For a slightly more elegant meal, a venison haunch steak may become your favourite steak. Try our recipe for venison steak with wild mushrooms and pink peppercorns for a romantic meal in. Loin fillet makes perfect little medallions for quick cooking, whilst stewing meat makes the ideal filling for a venison pie. Larger joints of venison make a change from the usual Sunday roast.

To put it quite simply and plainly; Ayrshire wild venison is the Rolls Royce of venison. If you have not yet tried it, then now is the perfect time.


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