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Cut of the week - belly pork

Cut of the week - belly pork

If God truly did bestow gifts upon the Earth, then belly pork was certainly one of them. Quite frankly one of the greatest pleasures on the planet, this strip of sweet flesh and melting fat deserves final meal reverence.

Under the regime of industrial farming, pork has not fared very well at all. Pale pink and flabby, barely recognisable as the noble beast that gives so much of itself to our table, the pork that lines the supermarket shelves is hardly worthy of the name.

Our Scotch pork has well coloured meat and perfect creamy fat that is full of fantastic porky flavour. Just made for slow roasting, you can cook a whole piece for either a Sunday roast or a weekday supper to serve with mash. Once slow roasted, it will shred apart beautifully and find it way into pulled pork sandwiches or spicy tacos too. Give it a twenty minutes blast in a hot oven (220C) and then turn down low (140C) and leave to do its thing for another hour or two. A 500g piece will be plenty for two, and probably just take an hour; to serve a crowd, order extra and leave in for longer.

We have a great recipe for crisp chunks of pork belly served with rocket, sage and onion mash, and Bramley apple sauce. Crisping up chunks of cooked belly pork in a hot frying pan gives the most tender melting pork you will have ever encountered. A foolproof way of cooking, it will guarantee the perfect texture; every time. A real crowd pleaser, with a bit of bistro know how thrown in.

Belly pork is a really economical choice that is often overlooked. Why not give it a go and see for yourself how easy it is to cook?

Order your belly pork online and it will be delivered the very next day. Just in time for the Sunday roast or an easy Friday night supper.

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