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Is black pudding the new superfood?

Is black pudding the new superfood?

The humble black pudding, once solely reserved for the Sunday morning feast, has been dubbed by the Daily Mail as one of 2016’s super foods; along with black beans, teff grains and seaweed. Black pudding has been eaten since farming existed and that is a bloody long time. Ahem.

Created to ensure none of the animal was wasted, it was one of the much anticipated perks of the yearly slaughter; a time of celebration to a rural community. Though blood sausage is popular throughout the country, recipes differ from region to region. Scotland traditionally use beef, Eastern Scotland combine it with oatmeal, and the West tend to use barley. The North of England favours pork, using visible chunks throughout the sausage to create a speckled effect. Whatever the recipe, this beloved breakfast treasure is having a serious moment in the spotlight. But why?

Because of its nutritive value; what else?

The pendulum has swung from us being a nation that, quite literally, struggles to reach 5 a day without some kind of financial coercion, to one that obsesses about foods on the basis of their nutritional value. Which is excellent on so many levels; orthorexia aside. Finally, we understand that FOOD IS A GOOD THING. Concentrating on one miracle ingredient is admittedly not so good, but the seed of knowledge has most certainly been sown.

Black pudding, far from being the cholesterol nightmare limited to hungover mornings and the odd fancy restaurant, turns out to have some serious clout in the nutritive stakes.

  • Contains endless list of goodness: iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium
  • No sugar
  • High in protein and low in carbohydrates
  • Aids iron deficiencies such as anaemia by helping to create healthy blood cells

So, due to its credentials, black pudding is the new food of choice for body builders, athletes and also us normals attempting to get lean for 2016…and we are legion. Even a small portion can satisfy the body’s daily recommended intake of iron. And slow release carbohydrates, such as barley and oatmeal, help to stabilise insulin levels and keep you fuller for longer, which means no reaching for the left over Quality Street from Christmas.

We offer four delicious puddings to suit taste, budget and diet. Stornaway is the holy grail of black pudding, having the same protected status as champagne it is a huge commodity for the western isles and has a deep, rich flavour. Our own store black pudding is an excellent alternative to the Stornaway range and is a little lighter on the purse strings.

West Coast Foods also offer a Skinni Range black pudding, that offers a lighter option without sacrificing any of the flavour. Processed, shop bought black pudding is often frozen before shelving, which can make it dry - ours is always sold fresh.

We offer the traditional haggis (an excellent source of nutrition too) as well as a fruitier pudding with sultanas and cinnamon; especially great for the winter. Although it comes without the iron rich bonus of black pudding, the Scottish fruit version is a must have for lovers for all things pudding. Onion and oatmeal keep our pudding crumbly and soft; the perfect texture for salads or a savoury stuffing.

Enjoy it best…

  • Crumbled into salad, adding enormous depth and flavour. See our ‘Cooking Tips’ on the Stornoway black pudding
  • As stuffing with Sunday dinner, the fruit pudding is the perfect accompaniment to pork or turkey
  • Try it stacked with scallops for a delicious alternative surf ‘n’ turf…
  • …and the most elegant of dishes: the fry up! Accompany with beans, sausages, hash browns, sunny-side up eggs and naturally, several rounds of buttered toast

Try our fantastic take on the classic kedgeree, updated with black pudding and a handful of extra nutritious ingredients. It just so happens to taste fabulous too.

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