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Join us for Christmas

Join us for Christmas

The festive season is well and truly upon us; at least it is in the outside world anyway. Those of us who aren't fully prepared by the middle of September are only just toying with the notion of present buying and wondering if the Christmas lights come up earlier each year. Come next week when December rolls around, the festivities can begin in earnest as we all breathe a collective sigh of relief and get on with the business of doing what we do best. Christmas.

The 3 days of actual Christmas may only be a little less than a month away, yet for most of us the entire month of December is one of sparkle and magic. Another long year has whipped past us, leaving us drained and dazed in equal measure, and the cold weather is setting firmly in. Why wouldn't we want to light the darkness with twinkly lights and warm ourselves with mulled wine, good cheer, and all round bonhomie. Exactly. We have a whole month before January returns and reality with it.

Food is a big part of Christmas, and we wait all year round for that one special meal that surpasses all the others in every way possible. Fridges bulge with the kind of food that may only make an appearance once a year, and surfaces groan with bowls of chocolates. Mince pie anyone? Thank you; I don't mind if I do. And do. And do. With the imminent approach of the extended period of feasting, unbuckling of belts, and general hedonism that we call December, it could be time to start thinking about food. More to the point, what you will cook and when you will cook it.

Over the next month we will be bringing you Christmas recipes, as well as not-so-Christmassy-but-definitely-December recipes, and lots of tips, tricks and ideas to get you through December unscathed. You don't need to spend the entire month chained to the stove (unless of course that is your thing) but if there is one month to get acquainted with your kitchen then December is it. Everybody loves food and they love it even more when somebody prepares it for them. And after all, what is Christmas if not the season of giving. And there is no gift better than the giving of your own time and effort to create something that can be enjoyed.

Our festive product range launches this weekend. You can download our Christmas brochure too. Take a look and see what inspires you.

So join us for Christmas and let's get cooking...

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