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Cut of the week - pork spare ribs

Cut of the week - pork spare ribs

What with BBQ weather upon us, and the added pressure of the school holidays, a rack or two of spare ribs is an excellent idea. Our butcher's cut of the week, these pork spare ribs have plenty of meat on them and given the right treatment it justs falls away from the bone.

Unless you are a pro at lo and slow USA style BBQ, succulent spare ribs are best slow roasted in the oven and then finished off on the BBQ. The good news here is that if insists on raining, then you can just as easily finish them off in the oven too. Our spare rib recipe makes some of the best spare ribs that we have ever tasted; and trust us, we have eaten quite a few...Complete with awesome BBQ sauce, that couldnt be easier, and proper creamy crunchy coleslaw, the kids will be overjoyed. Adults may quite like it too.

If you have ever had the misfortune to experience chewy spare ribs, it is likely because here in the UK we are only just getting to grips with the concept of low and slow when it comes to outdoor cooking. The meat on a spare rib needs time, love and attention to become something soft that slips off the bone; ten minutes over hot coals is just not going to do it. Meat cookery is not difficult, but the difference between perfection and mediocrity is just a few small details. We want nothing more but to share those details with you and give you far more confidence in the kitchen; something that will not only free up your time, but make your money go further too.

You can find most of our meat recipes on the main site, so they are handy as inspiration for your weekly shopping ideas. Add to that the extra recipes you can find here on the blog, and that is your weekly meal planning sorted. In the time pushed days that we all live in, meal planning has become a dying art and grabbing what you can from the supermarket shelf on the way home is neither time efficient or cost effective. We are here to help change all that and will have all of the tips, tricks and skills that you need to put your family meal planning and budgeting right on track.

Something that we are very proud of is our site content, and are sure you will agree that no other butcher gives you quite as much information about the various products and how to get the best from them. Each cut comes with individual cooking instructions and all the advice that you need.

With next day delivery as standard, temperature controlled packaging, and excellent quality Scotch produce every time, there is absolutely no reason not to give us a try. Go, on. Make room in your life for a spare rib or two.

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