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Scotland is synonymous with fish. Home to vast tracts of inland water and surrounded (almost) by great swathes of sparkling sea, it is no surprise that some of Scotland's best known foods are all of the piscine variety. That's fish to you and me.

Whereas meat improves with age and needs time for the enzymes to work their magic on flavour and texture, fish needs to be spanking fresh and straight from the sea. If you live next to the coast then you are in luck. But if you don't, then you are at the mercy of greying slabs of fish passed off as fresh at the supermarket counter. Even worse, entombed within a plastic sarcophagus and stepped within its own briney juices. Never a good look.

When you order fish from us it is packed up fresh from the morning's catch and delivered to you in our super cool temperature controlled packaging. Yes, it does come vac packed but that it because it travels better that way not because we are trying to defy the laws of the universe. Fresh fish sparkles with vibrancy and carries nothing with it but the saline scent of the sea. Most of our fish is filleted so it is pointless telling you to look out for bright eyes, red gills and shining scales but you will know fresh fish when you see it. 

To enjoy our fish at it's best, please eat on the day that it arrives or freeze immediately for another day. 


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