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Wild Ayrshire Venison

Much of the venison on sale in Britain is from farmed red deer. Not only is this faintly ridiculous considering the abundance of wild roe deer, but also lends itself to the common misconception that venison is a strong musky meat enjoyed by only the select few. Oddly, most of the small game such as birds and rabbits also come from intensively farmed sources; it just knocks the concept of game right on its head. As a local game specialist, all of our game comes from Ayrshire, provided by our strong partnerships with local stalkers. The meat of wild roe deer is not the strong overly assertive meat largely associated with venison, but has a delicate and tender flesh that can more than give beef a run for its money. Buying, eating and understanding game all comes from the same starting point; your local wild game dealer. That's us.. Our ROE DEER is sold FRESH not FROZEN..... ............ORDER NOW FOR CHRISTMAS TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT...

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  1. Venison Boneless Haunch
      Serves Price
    1/2 Haunch (750g) 4 - 6

    Regular Price: £26.99

    Special Price £24.29

    Full Haunch (1.5kg) 8 - 10

    Regular Price: £52.99

    Special Price £47.69

  2. Venison Bone in Haunch
      Serves Price
    Full Haunch (2kg) 8-10

    Regular Price: £52.99

    Special Price £47.69

  3. Venison Mince
      Serves Price
    500g Venison Mince 3 - 4

    Regular Price: £5.89

    Special Price £5.30

  4. Venison Stew
      Serves Price
    500g Venison Stew 3 - 4

    Regular Price: £6.49

    Special Price £5.84

  5. Venison Loin Fillet Medallions
      Serves Price
    6 x 85g (3oz) Fillet Medallion 6
  6. Venison Haunch Steaks
      Serves Price
    2 x (170g) Haunch Steaks 2

    Regular Price: £11.99

    Special Price £10.79

  7. Venison Loin Fillet
      Serves Price
    500g of Loin Fillet 4 - 6

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7 Item(s)

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