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All of our lamb is of the highest quality; sourced in Scotland and processed in Ayrshire. Although we in the British Isles love a roast leg of lamb at Easter or the odd weekday chop with a pile of creamy mash, that's about as far as our ovine exploration goes. This is a great shame as not only does lamb provide some of the sweetest tenderest meat available to Man but also some of the most sustainable; hard as Big Food may try, sheep have remained delightfully stubborn against the stranglehold of intensive manufacturing.

Like all good food of the land, the flavour of lamb changes according to its environment. Enormously adaptable, sheep will thrive on anything from lush green fields to inhospitable mountainsides and their flesh will echo with notes of wildflowers, mountian gorse, or hedgerow berries accordingly. Our Scottish lamb is deeply coloured and fully flavoured, with just the right amount of creamy fat.

Stuck on which cuts of fresh, succulent lamb to indulge in? View our comprehensive guide to buying and cooking lamb.

  1. Scotch Leg of Lamb
      Serves Price
    3kg Bone in Leg 8 - 9
  2. Whole Scotch Lamb Pack
      Serves Price
    Whole Lamb Pack 20+
  3. Scotch Lamb Mince
      Serves Price
    500g Lamb Mince 3 - 4
  4. Scotch Hand Diced Lamb
      Serves Price
    500g Diced Lamb 3 - 4
  5. Scotch Double Loin Chop
      Serves Price
    3 x 160g Double Chops 2
  6. Scotch Lamb Chump Chop
      Serves Price
    4 x 100g Chops 2
  7. Scotch Lamb Gigot Chop
      Serves Price
    2 x 200g 2
  8. Scotch Lamb Single Loin Chop
      Serves Price
    6 x 75g Loin Chops 2-3
  9. Scotch Racks of Lamb
      Serves Price
    450g Rack of Lamb 2-3
  10. Scotch Lamb Saddle
      Serves Price
    1kg+ Lamb Saddle 4-6
  11. Scotch Lamb Shoulder Rolled
      Serves Price
    1kg of Rolled Shoulder 3 - 4
  12. Scotch Leg of Lamb Rolled
      Serves Price
    2kg+ Rolled Leg 6 - 8
  13. Half Scotch Lamb Pack
      Serves Price
    1/2 Lamb Pack 10+

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