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By 2012 it had become clear to me that, by pushing efficiency and cost cutting at every corner, the big supermarkets and the multiples were no longer able to offer quality to their customers.

In the West of Scotland and the rest of the UK we have seen a demise of the traditional butcher and with it has gone our understanding and true value of meat. The entire British Isles is a beautiful place, with a varied and diverse landscape that supports the growth of a fantastic range of produce. Farming is our heritage and meat has always been the backbone of our meals, but we appear to have lost touch with both.

People want convenience, it is an essential part of an increasingly fast paced world, and I believe that is why the multiples expanded as quickly as they did. It has gone too far, too fast, and unfortunately it is us, the customer, who has lost out.

I feel that the quality and the service of the traditional butcher shop is vital in meeting the needs of the British customer, yet time has moved and today’s consumer has very different needs and desires. The days of sawdust on the floor and the blood-stained butcher are no longer appropriate, but the need for quality meat, and friendly, helpful service, is to me desperately apparent.

Our shop in Prestwick has not only put this quality, service, and knowledge, back on the high street but has played a part in the regeneration of our local community. With the friendly façade of an old fashioned shop, that gives a nod to tradition, and the clean uncluttered interior of today’s world, this shop stands at the heart of our business and symbolises everything we do. We are a Master butchers in a world where the Master butcher is in decline. By evolving and moving with the times we can offer a service that people want; perhaps a service that they even need. 

Our team of butchers has years of expertise behind them. Davie, Chris, Kevin, and Sandy, help our customers to select the meat that is right for them and make sure they know how to cook with it too. Knowledge seems to be vanishing these days; I believe that understanding has been lost and the customer has been left without the guidance that is so vital. Our other key member of our team is Sharon who oversee it all and keeps us in check...She really is the boss...

So, if you live in the area, or are just passing through, then drop in and see us. If you are elsewhere, then let us bring us our utterly modern yet wonderfully traditional butcher shop to your front door.

All the best,

Jim McLauchlan
Owner of West Coast Foods

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