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Venison Saddle

Venison Saddle

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Venison Saddle

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This saddle roasting joint comes from venison supplied by local Ayrshire stalkers. We hang it on the bone for up to a week and it is then prepared in house by our Master butchers. In order to promote a wild natural resource and also for its superior delicate taste and texture, we only prepare the finest wild Scottish roe deer; a completely different beast, literally and figuratively, from the farmed red deer that is usually offered.

A saddle roasting joint gives the benefit of tender delicate meat, protected in the oven by the cage of ribs that virtually surrounds it. Most venison benefits from being served slightly pink but has a far less robust flavour than rare beef so don't be put off by this if you like your meat well done.

** Please note female venison are protected from April to September. Because of this limit our local stockers don't go out as much. This being the case, we may buy venison when available and freeze it - this is the only item we occasionally freeze April to Septmeber ** Call us on 01292834012 to check.

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